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The ultimate Mastering course

Elevate Your Music To The Highest Professional Level

Learn the art of Mastering from two of the world’s top mastering engineers:
5x Grammy Winning Team Lurssen Mastering, Inc.

Hi, we are Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering, Inc. Thank you so much for checking out our course!

In this 25+ hour Masterclass, we share everything we’ve learnt by mastering legendary artists like Metallica, Queens Of The Stone Age, John Lennon, Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, Ben Harper, Elton John, as well as thousands of independent artists.

Our goal with this course is to give you the tools, the mindset, and the knowledge you need to master your own music – and create a professional sound that allows your songs to stand shoulder to shoulder with your favourite records.

Without further ado, go ahead and check out everything you’ll discover inside!

World-Class Mastering Engineers

Dedicated Chapters

Hours Of In-Depth Tutorials

Achieve Sonic Excellence

Release Music That Rivals The Pros

Have you ever found yourself listening to your favorite songs and wondered:

How do these pro engineers achieve such an incredibly powerful, detailed, and exciting sound?

No matter the playback system—headphones, car stereo, or a high-end speaker setup—these professional releases always sound impeccable, don’t they?

The secret to achieving this professional sound lies in Mastering.

With this course, you’ll learn how to master your own music, so you can release top quality songs, ready to conquer the charts or Spotify’s top rotations.

To help you reach that level, we’ve enlisted two of the world’s best mastering engineers as your mentors: Gavin and Reuben from Lurssen Mastering, Inc.!

Tap into over 40 years of mastering expertise, uncover the secrets behind this often misunderstood “dark art,” and start releasing tracks at the pinnacle of excellence.

Learn to Think Like a Mastering Engineer

Understanding the technical aspects is crucial, and we’ll dive into every detail in this course.

However, in order to become truly excellent at Mastering, you need to understand the thought process behind every decision.

In other words: You have to know exactly what sound you want to achieve, and which techniques will get you there.

This course will help understand not only the HOW, but the WHY. You’ll learn how to think like a pro Mastering engineer, so you can confidently take on ANY song and get amazing results!

    The Goals of Mastering

    From Amateur to Pro:
    Adopt A Mastering Engineer’s Mindset

    Start out on the Right Foot:
    Foundational concepts & best practices

    The Art of Listening:
    Spot problem areas & improve your sound

    Select the Right Tools for the Job:
    Which techniques and processors are best suited to achieve your goals?

    Preparing Your Mix for Mastering: The Right Way

    Let’s face it, there’s a ton of confusion among mixers on the best way to prep a mix for mastering.

    • How much headroom do you need?
    • Is it advisable to use a limiter during mixing?
    • Do you need to all Mixbus processing before submitting your mix for Mastering?

    With this course, Gavin and Reuben put an end to the confusion and show you exactly what’s needed to craft a mix that’s primed for a world-class master.

    To sweeten the deal, we’ve also brought in multiple A-list engineers, like 6x Grammy-winner Richard Furch, to share their expertise on creating master-ready mixes.

    With people of this caliber as your mentors, you can be certain that you’re in good hands.

    Master the Art of EQ

    EQ is one of the most powerful tools in Mastering and lays the groundwork for any further processing down the line.

    But let’s be honest: using EQ in a mastering context is a whole different ballgame compared to mixing.

    Since you’re working on the entire mix, you’ve got to pay attention to all those subtle details to make sure your EQ is actually doing the track justice.

    Gavin and Reuben take a deep dive into EQ, and share the techniques you need to use EQ like a pro.

    This chapter might just be the most comprehensive and detailed EQ explanation you’ve ever come across.

    Whether you’re mixing or mastering: the concepts you’ll learn in this course will grant you a deep understanding of this powerful tool, so you can unleash its full potential.

    The many purposes of EQ
    (there’s way more than you might think!)

    How to find the right frequencies to cut and boost

    When and why to use Analogue vs. Digital EQs

    Best practices (when to cut, when to boost, and which Q you should use)

    …and so much more

    Create Excitement, Punch & Energy In Your Music: Dynamic Processing

    We all know that compressors and limiters are meant to add punch, glue, excitement, and make your tracks LOUD! But…

    • What settings do you need to reach these goals?
    • Are certain compressors specifically suited for mastering?
    • Should you enhance transients before pushing into a limiter?

    With this course, you’ll have two top-tier engineers with over 40 years of combined experience answer all these questions and more.

    Get ready to learn how to shape dynamics in a musical way:

    Make your songs loud, powerful, and exhilarating while preserving the feel and the integrity of the performance.

    Sit in on 14 Full-Blown Mastering Sessions

    We understand that theory alone isn’t enough.

    Our ultimate goal with this course is to enable you to create amazing, world-class music!

    In these chapters, you’ll learn how to put your newly gained knowledge to practice:

    Gavin and Reuben show you how to master 14 songs from start to finish, and explain every decision and every technique in detail.

    You’ll understand the unique challenges and opportunities pertaining to 14 different genres, ranging from Singer/Songwriter, to Rock, Pop, HipHop, EDM, all the way to Blues!

    After taking this class, you’ll be well-equipped to Master any song that comes your way.

    Lurssen Reuben masters a song using plugins

    Analogue & Digital Mastering

    Discover the secrets to creating world-class Masters using both plugins, as well as analogue equipment.

    Each of the 14 songs will be mastered using an analog setup, as well as with plugins.

    Learn the advantages and challenges of each method, and choose the process that best suits your needs, budget, and desired sound.

    Stay on the Cutting-Edge: Mastering In Atmos

    Gavin and Reuben take to you the cutting-edge of the industry, and show you how to Master for immersive audio: Dolby Atmos!

    Stay ahead of the competition, and be among the first to adopt this newly emerging technology.

    Lurssen mastering in Dolby Atmos

    Unleash the Power of the Lurssen Console

    Over over 20 years of constant refinement, Lurssen has developed an iconic Mastering chain: The Lurssen Mastering Console!

    Today, you can access that legendary chain through a plugin: IK Multimedia’s faithful emulation, the “LMC”.

    Start using the same equipment that the pros rely on, and receive in-depth training from the very engineers who have created this amazing chain in the first place!

    Plus a Whole Lot More

    Create Your Own Mastering Chain

    Build a chain that reflects your own unique taste and sound.

    Dithering & File Formats

    Learn which Dithering algorithms to use, and how to optimize your music for different platforms.

    Advanced Techniques

    Want to learn about Mid-Side EQ and other advanced techniques? We’ve got you covered!

    The Only Mastering Course You’ll Ever Need

    We’ve designed this course to be the ultimate go-to resource for Mastering, and we’re committed to keeping it that way!

    We’ll be adding new videos regularly to keep you up-to-date with the latest Mastering trends and techniques.

    As a valued customer, you’ll receive every new video free of charge as soon as they’re released.

    Kiss buying additional courses goodbye – we’ve got you covered for life!

    Updates you can expect soon…

    A Pro’s Guide to Accoustic Room Treatment

    Advanced Dynamic Processing

    Courses & Interviews with other A-List Mastering Engineers

    Pick up the Course & Start Your Journey to Top-Tier Releases

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    The Ultimate Mastering Course
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